You must be hearing Finnish, English, and Swedish in daily basis in Finland. Don’t you know that students even have their own speacial concepts? Don’t worry, we made you a tiny Kylteri-Finnish-English dictionary!

Kylteri = economic student

Haalarit = Overalls

Kippis! = Cheers!

Merca = A place to hangout at TSE (On the first floor)

OPM = Bring your own drinks (BYOB = Bring Your Own Bottle)

Parkki = The place to be, the party spot

PeIsKä = Party cruise

vujut = anniversary party of the student association

Pupu = A bunny, a first year student

Rusakko = A rabbit, an older student

Sitsit = A table party with a long tradition in our student culture

Tenttiakvaario = “exam aquarium”, a computer class where a part of the exams are done

TUKKK/TSE = Turun Kauppakorkeakoulu/Turku School of Economics

TuKY = Association of Turku School of Economics Students

Wanha Narikka = our very own shop, where you can buy studying suppplies and other goods (on the first floor of TSE)

Vappu = The most important party festival (the First of May)

After work = On wednesdays at Monttu. Welcome!

Kyliste = Magazine of TSE

pruju = a printed copy of the slides from lectures, you can buy them from wanha narikka

pupuinfo = parties for bunnies, the new students, where different organizations in tuky come and represent their activities

excu = organized trips to abroad or here in finland, that usually include a visit to a local company