KYliste is our beloved magazine which delights students four times a year. The editorial staff consists of students of Turku School of Economics as the publisher is our association, Turun KY. Anyone can jump in to write articles or to take a few photos. We are always ready to welcome new journalists. We intend to make articles in both Finnish and English. You can find the magazine at TSE or read it online at Issuu



Speksi is interactive student theatre production including awesome band and dancers. The thing in speksi is “omstart”(start again), by calling it you can get actors and actresses to do almost anything you want on stage. For example, if you shout “omstart opera” the previous line will be said again but by singing it like in opera. TuKY-Speksi had its first show on 2009 and every year since about 70 students from Turku School of Economics has taken part on producing a new play.

Premier is in March and teams are created in September. The show is in finish but we are happy to have international students on background teams. You could for example build props, be a make-up artist, design costumes or operate on lights. So, if you are interested to be part of this spectacle contact us


Pikkulaskiainen is a legendary event organized every year in February. It starts with a sledding competition in Puolalanpuisto. After the competition the day continues with a pub crawl. After a fun day there is an awesome after party with world class artists! 


The Annual Ball

The annual ball is a spectacle that takes place every fall to celebrate the anniversary of Association for Economics Students in Turku, aka Turun KY.

The ball itself is purposed to cherish the relationships between TuKY and its interest groups as well as the people who have somehow been significantly involved in the activity.

The events vary from side to side, from daylight to night time and from fancy dress-ups to crazy partying. These glamorous happenings are guaranteed to be remembered for ages!