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Terve Mieli / Healthy Mind

The flagship project of EVA is the Terve Mieli project, established in 2019. Its mission is to reduce stigma and to create an open environment for discussion regarding issues related to mental health. Burnout, stress, and anxiety are things that can affect anyone. With the Terve Mieli project, we aim to prevent these problems and provide information about resources through which you can, for example, get counselling. EVA annually organizes a Mental Health Survey that gathers information about students’ well-being, and a Mental Health Week, the purpose of which is to promote mental health awareness.

If you have anything – anything at all – on your mind that weighs you down, you can reach out to a support student. You can contact a support student using the form on the right, which will first be forwarded to the Vice Chair of EVA, who will then pass on your information to the support student, and they will get in touch with you. Of course, you can also directly contact the support student via email or through WhatsApp.

Whether it’s about studying, coping, daily routines, exercise, eating, or anything related to well-being, feel free to reach out. Support students are volunteers here specifically for you.

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