Kulttis – Cultural Committee

“Culture” is a pretty wide concept. Finnish culture, local culture, student culture. We have been given the freedom to explore culture from every angle. You will be able to join us for example in movie nights, gigs, theatre shows or circus activities. Isn’t it more fun to enjoy your regular G&T in one of the most elegant clubs in Turku than in a crib (when the GT might also be switched to a dupe)? Culture, oh yes.

Next year Kulttis will continue to spoil you with “what to do”-recommendations, excursions and parties. You sure want to keep up with the K.

Meri Palosaari

Chairman, Responsible for Culture and Traditions

Hermanni Hernesniemi

Excursion Manager

Ella Tunturi

Vice Chair, Communications Manager

Suvi Ahonen


Ida Hirvonen


Saara Simula

Corporate Relations Manager

Emilia Varhi

Art director