You can’t find better student life anywhere than right here in Turku!

Turku is famous for its active and colorful student culture. In Turku you can find almost every hobby and activity possible provided to students by students – anything from wild rave parties to live action role playing!


Vappu is one of the most traditional student celebrations in Finland. It starts in the end of April and goes on till the first of May. Vappu is filled with events for students and you can see students from every student faculty. TuKY’s Vappu is a long and an unforgettable journey for students.

May Day (May 1st) is also a national holiday, Labour Day. For the festivities people bring out and wear their white high school graduation caps. University students wear their overalls in various colours, decorated with writing, badges, gadgets, gloves, cups, symbols, toys, tools and whatever else students might need during their adventures.


Wearing overalls is a very big tradition among students in Finland. They represent you and your fellow students as a collective, especially since every study field has its own overall color and you can recognize who studies what by their overalls. All students studying in TSE can be easily recognized by their navy blue TuKY overalls they wear in student events. Our overalls are an essential part of our TuKY identity.

Overall badges are a big part of Finnish student culture too. They tell for example what do you like, which team do you support and of course where have you been, because you can get them from most parties.


Sitz parties, also know as academic table parties, are a very common type of university party in Finland. The main idea of a sitz party is to have a three-course meal accompanied by singing and of course, drinking. Sitz parties often have a theme and the themes can range anywhere from Disney to dinosaurs.

Several TuKY commitees and clubs organize sitz parties, most notably NESU-TuKY that specializes in organizing sitz parties and touring parties in other cities. Each organization has different kinds of sitz parties, so there’s something for everyone! For example, CIA-TuKY organizes parties that are hosted in entirely in English.

Outside of TuKY, many other student organizations organize their own sitz parties. Sitz parties are a great way to get to know students from other faculties, so jump right on in! Helan går!