International Association

TuKY has been international since its establishment. Throughout the history, TuKY has had international collaboration with many foreign student organizations. International collaboration has been the basis for excursions and other activities promoting internationality. Exchange students enhance our student life at TSE in many ways. That is why TuKY has been active promoter of communication between native and international students. All the exchange students are warmly welcomed by TuKY at the TuKY-Evening, organized when new exchange students enter Turku School of Economics. Many of our members have expanded their networks with the help of TuKY.

Co-operation with Turku School of Economics

TuKY co-operates closely with the personnel of Turku School of Economics, in both educational and extracurricular affairs. At educational affairs we work together to make our education the best possible. Extracurricular affairs include collaborative events, such as the annual well-being day at TSE. The board of TuKY participates in the development of academic affairs through various places where decisions are made.

Wide range of extracurricular activities

There are 35 different sub-organizations under TuKY. These organizations provide a wide range of activities throughout the year. We seek to fulfil our students’ needs in order to make the student life at TSE the best possible. We also encourage our members to set up new organizations if they are interested. Most of the events are open for international students. Take a closer look to TuKY’s extracurricular activities on this websites or ask your tutor!