Helan går

Welcome to Finland, the country of traditional and extensive student culture.

The roots of our student culture go decades back and an event called sitzparty is an essential part of it. NESU-TuKY organizes these legendary sitzparties here in Turku

NESU (Nordic Economics Students’ Union) is an organization that functions in Finland, Iceland and Estonia. The main purpose of NESU is to enhance and maintain connections between the Nordic economics students. NESU organizes biannual NESU Conferences (a.k.a. Semma) where students from Nordic countries gather together to have a good time.

Shortly explained, sitzparty is a tableparty, that has a specific program, which includes singing schnapps songs (not only in Finnish but also in English and in other Nordic languages), games, socializing and eating a three-course meal. Sitzparty is a perfect place to make new friends and get to know the heart of Finnish student culture!

See you at the sitzparties!



The Board of 2023

Matilda Mankonen


Martta Iso-Kuortti

Responsible for Corporate Relations

Alex Eränne

Vice Chair

Oona Keinonen

Sitz Coordinator

Roope Lindström

Communications Manager

Aino Mukkila


Jenna Päkki

Art Director

Robert Von Bruun