TuKYData ry, better known as Data, offers all IT-minded people interesting activities at a low threshold all year round. This year, for example, we have organized an afterwork-style event with IBM, opportunities for our new students to get to know the subject of information systems science (ISS), and company visits to companies in the IT sector. The annual LAN party event @ parkki is also part of our annual activities. However, we are probably best known for our amazing excursions abroad. In 2022, the destination of the excursion was the Silicon Valley of the United States, and this year we will head to Boston, the east coast of the United States. Our other excursion destinations over the years have included San Francisco, Shanghai, Ghana, Los Angeles, Singapore, and Bali. In addition to leisure events, we also organize preparation classes for Information Systems Science courses and work in close cooperation with the subject’s staff. In addition, in 2023 we will organize a party for the 40th anniversary of TuKYData, so stay tuned!
You can find more information about our activities on social media and on our website, where you can also visit to become a member. Our first autumn event, Pupuinfo, is also coming soon! Go follow @tukydatary on Instagram and join our email list KY-TuKYData so you don’t miss a thing. See you in the autumn!

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