Exams can be retaken, parties cannot!

The greatest events for students, all year round!

Ulkoasiainjaosto, the party committee of Turku School of Economics, better known as Ulkkis, is the heart of student life in Turku. Ulkkis is actively organizing the greatest events and parties all year round to make your student life the most amazing time of your life. Ulkkis is here to create this era of your studies as mind blowing and epic as it is ever possible to be. 

Ulkkis is one of the best known event organizers in Turku. The events of Ulkkis vary from intimate smaller parties to events of hundreds or even over thousand of students. We organize over 20 unique events every semester and arrange trips to other cities and co-operate with other faculties and schools in Turku and in other cities in Finland. We do our thing professionally, but we never forget to have fun! We create something for everybody, so don’t hesitate to come along and make memories you’ll never forget!

Ulkkis 2020 Board

Ilona Lehti

Chairman, Responsible for Extracurricular Activities

Antti Jaakola

Vice Chair

Lotta Soini

AD (Artistic Director)

Alex Toiviainen


Tiia Maukonen

Communications Manager

Julia Vuorinen

Stakeholder Manager

Juho Perttula


Atte Ranki

Marketing Manager

Ella Lehtonen

Corporate Relations Manager