TSE Masters is an association that works towards promoting the networking and career opportunities of Turku School of Economics master’s degree students, both within the Association of Economics Students in Turku (TuKY) as well as in the working life. Our goal is to promote the participation of master’s degree students in TuKY activities while also providing a platform to maintain connections created during studying at TSE.

Our activities range from different types of events held in both Turku and Helsinki all the way to promoting the interests of master’s degree students and communications aimed towards these students. Below you will find more information about our events and about our association in general.


After Work

TSE Masters organizes After Work events, where participants have a chance to network with other more senior students. Whether you’re looking to meet completely new people or catch up with older acquaintances, Masters After Works are an excellent opportunity for both. We aim to organize After Works evenly both in Turku as well as the Helsinki capital region.


TSE Masters Cruise

Every spring, TSE Masters organizes a career-oriented day cruise. The goal of the cruise is to provide an opportunity for TSE students to learn more about interesting career opportunities within companies in different industries while also networking with corporate representatives. The first part of the cruise consists of events such as panels, corporate highlights and a CV competition, whereas the second part is made up of more relaxed programming in good company.


Other events

In addition to our standard events, TSE Masters organizes a wide variety of different one-time events. These events have ranged from crab dinners to movie nights and everything in between. We are also constantly looking to develop our range of events, so make sure to contact us in case you have an interesting event concept in mind!