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Committee for Social and Educational Affairs  

Edunvalvontajaosto, commonly known as EVA, is the committee for social and educational affairs. Our mission is to ensure that, in addition to the free time activities offered by Turun KY, students’ everyday life and studies run smoothly. On the lead of those responsible of social and educational policies, EVA influences the school’s administrative bodies and makes the students’ points of view heard where matters important to us are decided. Whether there’s a problem with a course, someone’s inappropriate behavior, or inadequate education facilities, Edunvalvontajaosto is the body to which you can advise on the matter. We take the problems forward and speak for the students while building a better study environment!

The flagship project of EVA is the Terve Mieli project, established in 2019. Its mission is to reduce stigma and to create an open environment for discussion regarding issues related to mental health. Burnout, stress, and anxiety are things that can affect anyone. With the Terve Mieli project, we aim to prevent these problems and provide information about resources through which you can, for example, get counselling. EVA annually organizes a Mental Health Survey that gathers information about students’ well-being, and a Mental Health Week, the purpose of which is to promote mental health awareness.

EVA also organizes events, for example, with the themes of mental health and well-being. A warm welcome to join our events!


Edunvalvontajaosto (TuKY)





EVA Board 2023

Oona Korpijaakko

Chairperson, Responsible for Social Policies



Miro Tammisto


Markus Karlstedt

Responsible for Educational Policies



Ida Hartikainen

Communications Manager

Akseli Nuutinen

Vice Chairperson



Milla Nieminen

AD (Artistic Director)

Robert Vehma




Kerttu Kettunen

Responsible for Corporate Relations