KY-Sport is the official sports society of TuKY. The organization has deep roots in keeping TSE’s students in shape as well as organizing the best (more or less sports-like) events and parties throughout the school year.

Sports teams, weekly ball game sessions, beer pong tournaments…


A few examples of our mind-blowing spectacles are the Academic Beer Pong Championships, a hiking trip and the KYlumpic games.

We have a strong presence in the life of students through weekly jogs and indoor ball game sessions. 

We look forward to seeing you in Turku. Vamos!



Saana Pirttijärvi


Felix Ajanko

Vice Chair

Aleksanteri Aho


Ville Mäenpää


Emma Ranne

Communications Manager

Inga Brandys

Art Director

Miro Ikäheimonen

Project Manager

Olivia Wahlberg

Corporate Relations Manager