When I shout KY, you shout SPORT!
Have you come across our red-shirted athletes yet? Ever heard of KY-Sport?

We are the sports section of the Turku School of Economics, whose mission is to provide a counterbalance to sitting in lectures, cramming for exams and other student life. We have been exercising TUKY students since the 80’s and everyone is welcome to join us, regardless of grade or sporting background.

Our weekly activities include Monday games where participants get to vote on which sport to play, and a park run on Tuesdays, followed by a jogging sauna. Our aim is also to help you find your favourite way to exercise, at a reasonable student price of course. That’s why we organise more and more interesting sport experiments every month. We’ve had the chance to learn about paintball, freestyle fighting and pole dancing.

As usual, the autumn for the senior classes starts with a hiking expedition, this time to Iceland. Before that, the bunnies will get to know the activities of KY-Sport together with Ulkkis, and during the second week of studies, they will have the chance to visit the legendary bunny info. In the autumn, students can practice their throwing hand at the Academic Beer Pong Championships, in the winter 1500 students will gather to cheer on Turku’s own HC TPS at the Gatorade Center and in the spring, the academic year will culminate in the KYlumpialaiset, where the students in overalls will really test their mettle on the adventure track and in economichurdles.

KY-Sport offers you the chance to challenge yourself, find good routines in your life and enjoy the joy of exercise with your fellow students.
So see you in the autumn! ROCK ROCK!

Sports teams, weekly ball game sessions, beer pong tournaments…


A few examples of our mind-blowing spectacles are the Academic Beer Pong Championships, a hiking trip and the KYlumpic games.

We have a strong presence in the life of students through weekly jogs and indoor ball game sessions. 

We look forward to seeing you in Turku. Vamos!



Saana Pirttijärvi


Felix Ajanko

Vice Chair

Aleksanteri Aho


Ville Mäenpää


Emma Ranne

Communications Manager

Inga Brandys

Art Director

Miro Ikäheimonen

Project Manager

Olivia Wahlberg

Corporate Relations Manager