KY-Sport is the official sports society of TuKY. The organization has deep roots in keeping TSE’s students in shape as well as organizing the best (more or less sports-like) events and parties throughout the school year.

Sports teams, weekly ball game sessions, beer pong tournaments…


A few examples of our mind-blowing spectacles are the Academic Beer Pong Championships, a hiking trip and the KYlumpic games.

We have a strong presence in the life of students through weekly jogs and indoor ball game sessions. 

We look forward to seeing you in Turku. Vamos!



Elli Abrahamsson


Kalle-Tapio Kähkönen

Vice Chair

Ella Rantala


Elsa Hagman


Lauri Melanen

Communications Manager

Jason Kajosmaa

Art Director

Tiia Kiuru

Project Manager

Elias Wahlroos

Corporate Relations Manager