KKOY’s goal is to bring the international business world closer to our students. In this day and age, being aware of other cultures, languages and countries can even be considered as a prerequisite in order to be able to succeed in the economic world in the future. We attempt to achieve this ambitious target by organizing several events, excursions, as well as recruiting fair every year. Our mission is to work as an efficient channel between the students and the faculty of international business. 

Although Turku is great, we at KKOY feel like the entire world is open for us to explore.


One of the most significant events of KKOY’s year is definitely the foreign excursion. We have been in Hong Kong, Taipei, Seoul, Abu Dhabi, Doha… The list goes on. The excursion’s main objective is to get acquainted with the corporate culture and international business of each country. For instance, we visit corporations, embassies and universities. Not to forget about local culture, lifestyle and sights! 


However, the international excursion is not the only trip we arrange. KKOY also runs a few domestic excursions every year: for example, this year we were visiting Sitra fund and Metsä Group!


The biggest project and responsibility for our organization is the annually held academic recruiting fair called ContactExpo. It is a chance for students to listen to great speakers, take a part in CV- and LinkedIn -clinics  and meet future employers. The fair is organized by KKOY and KY-Kasino in co-operation with TuKY. 

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