TuKY – Association of Economics Students in Turku is an independent association dedicated to make the lives of students of Turku School of Economics better.

The Association of Economics Students in Turku (better known by its Finnish acronym TuKY or Turun KY) is the association consisting of over 1600 business students at Turku School of Economics in Turku, Finland. TuKY has a vibrant history of 62 years, of which 60 years as a Student Union and the latest two years as an association.

TuKY is more than just an association. It is a platform of development for its members. Under TuKY there are 35 different societies and clubs. Half of them are subject-related organizations, one for almost each subject taught at Turku School of Economics. For example, the accounting students and marketing students have their own, active clubs. The second half consists of different kinds of music, sports and interest groups organizing unforgettable student events for our members. At TuKY, we find it important that our activities are open for everyone to participate.

Here at TuKY we provide all kinds of opportunities for personal development. We directly employ dozens of students to all kinds of jobs and positions of trust, ranging from IT staff and Sales & Marketing assistants to event organization specialists. As the owner of two companies, KY-Dealing (retail & educational industry) and Legioona (HR company), we provide all kinds of services to our members. Our company boards and leading positions are important opportunities of growth to many of our members. This way, one can get unique experiences from business environment even during the studying period.