Welcome to Turku School of Economics and to the new international websites of the Association of the Economic Students in Turku!


The freshly made www.en.tuky.fi webpage is meant for you. Here you will find all the information you need to become a member of our community. On these websites you can have a glimpse of our various organizations and get to know the association itself. We have many kinds of events that are all open for our exchange and master’s degree program students. Finnish students may seem a little shy or introverted, but once you get know them and spend some time with them, they will turn out to be charming. So stay strong and try to attend different events and find places to meet other students. There are plenty of organized events for exchange and international students in TuKY and also in other associations.


Every student has their own reasons to come to Finland and Turku School of Economics to study. One reason might be the high level of our business teaching, profile of our School of Economics or the amazing nature in Finland. One excellent reason to study in our school is the student life in Turku. The Association of the Economic Students in Turku (TuKY) is here for you and we welcome you to be part of our activities!


Be brave and also join the events which Finnish Bachelor and Master Business administration students attend. If you are not sure when next event will take place or about something else, remember you can always come to our office at our school.