TuKY Evening

TuKY Evening was held on Wednesday 08.01.2014.

Welcome to all the newly arrived exchange students and welcome back to the ‘seniors’ or ’old ones’  coming back from holidays!

How wonderful it is that we begun our semester (and year) by meeting so many new people and finally reuniting with old friends, thanks to TuKY Evening! Parkki served as a hospitable and cozy place for the evening, offering snacks and drinks. Disco lights, music and cheeks colored with national flags – everything set the right mood.

After a short presentation about TuKY we were offered a quiz about Finland to check how ready we were to get into life in Turku. Apparently we weren’t ready at all because, in spite of studying here for four months already, we weren’t very successful at finding the correct answers, unlike the team of newbies! Congratulations to you, guys! Good job!

However, the following game was even more exciting in terms of getting to know people closer than anybody could imagine! Showing a statement on a screen and standing and drinking if it fit you was fun but when you were the one to guess why the hell these people are drinking, it was really tough!

The party ended dancing and discussing our first impressions. The most courageous of us continued the evening in The Monkey until the end of the night.

Kiitos CIA TuKY for a great start to the semester!

Christina Molotova & Laure Cayssials

P.S. The Committee for International Affairs wants to thank our bloggers and everyone else who took part in TuKY Evening! We all feel that our spring semester 2014 could not have started better!