A blog written by José Alberto Pañero Montes

José Alberto is an exchange student from the University of Granada. He is currently studying in the Turku School of Economics.

I’m going to tell you about one of the most amazing experiences that I have had here in Turku: spending a nice weekend in a Finnish cottage. Cottages are small wooden houses (typical in Finland) where Finnish people organize parties and spend a good time with their friends. These cottages have a kitchen, dining room, some bedrooms and most importantly, sauna and a lake nearby.

I went to the cottage with students from the Turku School of Economics and with my crazy Spanish friends.  After we arrived to the cottage on Saturday, we left our luggage in our smaller cabin and then we had an amazing (and a bit embarrassing ;P ) checkpoint round called the Man vs. the Wild, hahaha. In one of these checkpoints we had to tell something funny about us and for sure I told the most famous story here: “The Bonfire night” when I set one oven on fire in the Student Village. Finally my team won and the organizers gave us as an award of magic punch and an overall badge, thank you!!!

For lunch we had some strange pasta, after which we played a lot of funny games and cards. In the afternoon we did a bonfire and grilled sausages and marshmallows, and at eight o’clock we went to the sauna and swam in the lake. At one point I was alone with the crazy Finnish people who began to put a lot of water on the stones and I had to leave the sauna.

Finally the night arrived and an amazing party was organised where the Spaniards took control over the music… hahaha. We put very good music on and I spend time surrounded by incredible people. I even danced the Titanic song for the first time, it was really nice! =) I think that the most epic moment in the party was when Jayvir put a Bollywood song and everybody got crazy!!!! The night was full of good memories, which will make my Erasmus in Finland unforgettable.

PS: If someone of you said and sang Happy Birthday to Diego… you were tricked because his birthday is in November. Thank you for all the people who made this cottage amazing. Spanish kisses to everybody.

José Alberto


The Committee for International Affairs wants to thank everyone who participated in the Cottage Weekend and made our weekend so special for all of us. A special thanks to José for sharing his blog with us!