A new year and new plans in progress! The Committee for International Affairs made its own New Year’s promises and those were to make CIA TuKY more visible and active in 2014. The new board has already come up with some ideas and is eager to get its hands on even more new projects.

Bigger events

In 2014 CIA TuKY aims to continue the tradition of some of its earlier events, such as the CIA TuKY cottage weekend, sitz party and language café as well as the TuKY Evening that was already held a couple of weeks back, but we also want to offer something new. This includes two bigger projects: an excursion abroad as well as an international week. More details about the previous will be announced later. Alongside this some other fun is also under development…

Better communications

Another priority of CIA TuKY in 2014 is to increase its visibility through increased presence in social media. The first changes in the operations of our blog are already taking place. Last week CIA TuKY launched a new blog post series titled ”TSE Students Abroad” that will offer monthly stories written by TSE exchange students spending their exchange term or year abroad. Our first blogger, Jaakko Rajaniemi, wrote about experiences in Japan. In February we’ll head somewhere a bit closer and colder. Where? Just wait and see.

However, ”TSE Students Abroad” isn’t the only wind of change in the TuKY blogosphere. In 2014, also the board of CIA TuKY will be taking turns to write about current matters concerning internationality at campus and elsewhere.

In addition, we encourage exchange students studying at the Turku School of Economics to bring their voices to our blog! If you’ve got an idea for a text and motivation to write, for example about one of our events or about life in Finland in general, feel free to contact any of us at any time!

Increased cooperation

It should be remembered that the Committee for International Affairs exists for all students interested in its workings and thus ideas for new developments are always warmly welcomed! We are also eager to get the chance to get to know similar student organizations functioning in the Turku area!


Looking forward to seeing all you around,

Karoliina Rajala
Communications Coordinator
Committee for International Affairs
The Association of Economics Students in Turku