Hello everyone! I’m Santeri Kangas, an IB-student in TSE. I have studied IB since 2012 and I have been a member of the student association of international business (KKOY) for one year. Now it’s my turn to write something to our ”CIA TuKY in 2014” blog and I decided to tell you a bit about KKOY, how I ended up in CIA TuKY and what I do there.

KKOY main purpose is to develop the IB-courses in TSE and to be a link between students and the department of international business in our school. I was in the board of KKOY and was the communications coordinator so I was responsible for creating marketing material and to inform our members about our events and activities by sending e-mails. KKOY also arranged a recruitment fair for students where companies recruited students for summer jobs and for longer employees. We also arranged two excursions, one to the headquarters of Rovio in Espoo and one to Hong Kong and Taipei where we had many smaller excursions to global companies.

It was a very experience full year and I learned a lot about doing projects with different persons and it was an easy choice to continue my “student association career” and apply to CIA TuKY. I had have many great experiences during my IB-courses while working with exchange students and CIA TuKY provided a change to get more of these moments where I could meet new exchange students. Somehow I was selected to the board of CIA TuKY and like I suspected there has been great opportunities to meet people from abroad and make new friendships with these guys. One funny fact is that I’m the only male person in our board but I like my place among these convivial girls.

CIA TuKY board in 2014.

CIA TuKY board in 2014.

My job in CIA TuKY is to take care of relations to other associations and organizations who act on an international level with students, e.g. ESN-Turku and ISTU. I’m supposed to be a link between CIA and these other organizations so that we could have events together (Mexican Sits Party & Pre-Vappu Excursion to Estonia) and know a bit what these other groups are doing to coordinate our events and doings to harmonize better together. In general I run from meetings to meetings and try sometimes to inform our Chairperson what I have find out.

I hope that people will keep coming to our events because it is an easy way to meet awesome people, get to know a bit about different cultures. Very often you can also exercise your language skills with native speakers! We are going to organize one legendary cottage weekend during the autumn term and also other events where different cultures can meet. If you haven’t joined our mailing lists (ky-kv or ky-active) or liked us on Facebook (Committee for International Affairs – Turun KY) do it now because it is an easy way to get information about our events and other stuff what we are doing.


I hope to see new faces in our upcoming events,

Santeri Kangas
Coordinator for Organizational Relations
Committee for International Affairs
The Association of the Economic Students of Turku