Apply now to the 2016 board of the Committee for International Affairs of TuKY! The positions will be filled for the duration of one year, starting 01.01.2016. All members of TuKY are welcome to apply!

TuKY – the Association of Economics Students in Turku is an independent association dedicated to make the lives of students of Turku School of Economics better. TuKY has over 2000 business students from Turku School of Economics as its members. TuKY has a vibrant history of 65 years, of which 60 years as a Student Union and the latest 5 years as an association.

CIA TuKY is responsible for all international activities of TuKY and the internationalization of the students at Turku School of Economics. This is done through numerous interesting activities, including developing international relations and international tutoring, supporting students to go on exchange abroad, encouraging non-Finnish speaking students to participate in the activities of the association and organizing events where students of different nationalities can meet.

As a member of the board you would have the opportunity to participate in organizing all of the above as well as many other interesting and fun activities at TuKY. You would also get to meet a lot of internationally oriented fellow students and gain some valuable experience from organizational activities, which you will be able to benefit from later in your professional life.

Tuky VuJu 65 potretit CIA

The positions on the board of 2016 are planned to be:

– Vice Chair

– Treasurer

– Communications Coordinator / Art Director

– Secretary

– Coordinator for Organizational Relations

– Coordinator for Educational Affairs


Who can apply?

All members of TuKY are welcome to apply! It doesn’t matter if you only just started your studies at TSE or if you are already approaching graduation, as long as you are available for the whole year 2016.


How to apply?

Send your application to international@tuky.fi and attach the answers to the questions below by Thursday December 3rd at 23:59.

1. Name, age, major/degree program

2. Which positions are you most interested in (top 3 in order)?

3. Why are you applying to the board of CIA TuKY?

4. How would you like to develop internationality at Turku School of Economics?

5. What are the things that make you international? How did you end up in Finland?

6. Tell shortly about your personality

7. Do you have something else that you would like us to know? Perhaps some previous experience from association work? Special interests? etc.


For more information please contact the current Chair of the board of CIA TuKY Maria Helle (maria.helle@tuky.fi) or next year’s Chair Minna Goyal (minna.goyal@tuky.fi).