Committee for Interntaional Affaris aka. CIA-TuKY is an association that makes sure the international vibe stays good in Turku School of Economics. We organize events that aim to bring together people from all around the world and encourage students to step out of their comfort zones to experience new things and build networks beyond borders. Besides awesome events we take care of international students in our school. We lobby on behalf of international students and make sure the English courses in TSE are accessible and high quality. We also work closely with international tutors and many other organizations that have similar objectives. Everyone is welcome to join our colorful and inspiring group by attending events, coming to us for help and following us on social media.

Fall 2019 will be full of surprises and fun events. First, you can get to know us at our event for all the new students in the beginning of the semester. Also the practice sitz and cottage weekend are right around the corner, and we can wait to announce many more fun events to come. Hopefully you’ll join us on this ciamazing fall!

Introducing CIA TuKY Board 2017

  Howdy Everybody! My name is Saara Gratschev and I am 21-year-old second year student in Turku School of Economics. I’ve been born in Hämeenlinna, but I have without doubt found my place in Turku. I have definitely made most of my student life by experiencing...
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TSE Students Abroad: Greetings from Graz

Grüß Gott! Greetings from Graz, Austria!  Grüß Gott originally means (according to Wikipedia) ”may God greet you”. And they greet you like this everywhere. I’m Ella, a third-year student at TSE. I’ve been calling Graz home for a month now. I’m here for the summer...
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Guide for an Awesome Vappu

Vappu, the wonderland of every student in Finland! If you are a first year bunny or perhaps an exchange student about to celebrate your first student vappu, you are most likely about to experience something epic that you’ll remember for the rest of your life. That is...
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TSE Students Abroad: Last days in Linköping

My exchange semester here is about to come to an end, and now is the perfect time to look back at the past four months with calm contentment while shoving my life into a couple of suitcases. When I arrived in August, I was lost like a needle in a haystack and honestly...
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TSE Students Abroad: Zigzagging through Zürich

Grüezi miteinand! Greetings from beautiful Zürich, where I am currently attending my exciting exchange semester. The main reason for me to apply to Zürich was the German language. Someone might roll their eyes for this – why wouldn’t I go to Germany if I wished to...
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CIA TuKY in 2014 – Bring it on Tallinn!

Almost half of our committee year has passed and CIA TuKY has made it's history's first excursion abroad – where else than to our dear neighbor country Estonia. We and ESN organized day trip to Tallinn for Finnish and international students on the 23th of April. At...
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TSE Students Abroad: Covered in Wien

Grüβgott! Sitting here on my bed writing this, I can tell you that I am very happy for choosing Vienna to be the place for my exchange.  I have now lived here for two and a half months and can say that this is a great city to live in and I’m not alone in my opinion;...
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TSE Students Abroad: Nice life in Nice

Nice has it all. Except for night clubs. The city has the ideal location between the sea and the mountains. Arriving to Nice, you first fly over the magnificent, snow covered Alps. Then you see the Mediterranean and your plane starts to descend. For a moment it seems...
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CIA TuKY in 2014 – Do you speak English?

We study languages at school and many of us like learning them. However for some the mandatory languages in other than English are just something that they have to study to get their degree. It’s of course very important to know English because it’s spoken by so many...
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TSE Students Abroad: Doing Time in Siberia

It’s hard to recommend studying in Yakutsk. The city could be described as cold, remote, unattractive and dangerous. But then again, maybe I don’t have to recommend it. If you want to come here, you probably know it already. It is challenging, different, and...
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CIA TuKY in 2014 – Being a tutor for international students

Wow, so another year has passed since I first signed up to become a tutor for international students at Turku University! Once again, I have met so many awesome people from so many different countries and such diverse cultures from all around the world. Those of us,...
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Take a look at our blogs linked on the left side.  You can get a better picture of our activities and people behind this committee.

All questions, concerns and comments are welcome. If you don’t know where to look for help please contact CIA-TuKY via the contact information provided below and we will direct you to the right place. Welcome to Turku and we will see you in our events!

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